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Author, Marking Your Children for God (2012)

Bishop of Rock Chuch International Fellowship in Virginia Beach, VA

Chairman of America for Jesus 2012

Co-Founder of Rock Church in 1968

Co Founder of Washington for Jesus Rallies

Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree, Oral Roberts University

Married to the late John Gimenez

Child, Robin; Grandchild, Amelia


Anne Gimenez: Marking Your Children for God

There is a battle for the hearts of Christian children.  Bishop Anne Gimenez says as Christian parents, more than anything else, we must set a godly example for our children.  Parents are the best models of the Christian life and faith for their children.  Children will not follow where we do not lead.  They must see their parents live the Christian faith and have God’s Word spoken to them.   This is how parents mark their children for God.   If we do not do this, the enemy will stand at the door waiting to make them his.  Now more than ever there is a critical need for Christian parents to raise their children to love and serve the Lord.  Our most significant achievements mean nothing when standing next to the spiritual legacy we leave our children and grandkids.  As parents, we must teach and train them in the whole counsel of God so they will know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Looking back on the last couple of decades in the American church, most kids who grew up in church have no knowledge of or experience with the power of the Holy Spirit or an in depth understanding of God's Word.   Bishop Anne says America is biblically illiterate.  Many people do not know what the Bible says, and faith comes by hearing the Word of God.  The reason this has happened is because many Christians have lost their drive to have the Bible hidden in their hearts.  Parents and their churches have turned children out into the world with no real, practical spiritual foundation or discernment. Children can tell you all about the latest blockbuster movie or YouTube video that has gone viral, but they don't know what really pleases God.  Thank God the Bible gives us hope!  As it says in  Job 14:8-9:  "Though its roots have grown old in the Earth and its stump decays, at the scent of water it will bud and sprout again like a new seedling."

When you touch on the topic of children, you touch the heartbeat of people.  The Bible says in Proverbs 22:6: Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (KJV).  It also says in Joel 2:28: And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions...(KJV)

In Bishop Anne's family, four generations were marked for God.  A wise minister once told Bishop Anne not to leave her daughter, Robin, behind when she and her husband, the late Bishop John Gimenez went out to minister.  This minister told the Gimenezes to keep Robin with them and make her a part of their life and ministry – to keep her where the anointing was flowing.  Bishop Anne and John did and they didn’t regret it.  Though it cost more to take Robin with them, Bishop Anne says the investment was worth it 1000%.  Robin went on to marry a wonderful Christian man, John Blanchard, when she was 21.  They attended Christ for the Nations and became the youth pastors at Rock Church.  In 1996, the Blanchards organized the Washington for Jesus Youth Rally on the mall in Washington, D.C.  The rally had over 500, 000 people most of whom were youth.  Currently, Robin and John serve as senior pastors at Rock Church and have a daughter, Amelia, who is now 21 and serves in the ministry with them. Bishop Anne remembers holding Amelia minutes after she was born and marking her for God by telling her, “Amelia, you are a Jesus girl.  Don’t you ever think about marrying an unbeliever.”      

Before Amelia was born, Bishop Anne preached at the funeral of her Aunt Ruby – the one who marked Bishop Anne for God.  Aunt Ruby dedicated Bishop Anne to God when she was six months old.  This aunt lived and taught Bishop Anne what she believed.  She remembers that her Aunt Ruby took her to many camp meetings where Bishop Anne saw and experienced the power of God.  Just like Aunt Ruby did with Bishop Anne and the Gimenezes did with Robin, Robin and John include Amelia in their meetings. 

Being a good example to their children is one of the most important things parents can do to mark their children for God.    The attitudes of parents are very important.  Now, parents are afraid to use their leadership in the home.  Some parents have Christian values but don't live it and it is dangerous to have a double standard in the home.  Bishop Anne says inconsistency is not the best thing for children to see.  We must live by the power of the Holy Spirit and never stop pursuing God.  Also, words are the most powerful things parents have – you kill God's initiative in your children's lives with negative words.

Christian parents need to periodically check their hearts and ask the Lord to show them the example they are setting for their children.  Parents’ examples will mark their children's hearts in either a negative or positive way in terms of their relationship with God.  It's important to pray that our children will love and serve Him but we also need to train them in the Word of God and practice what we preach.  We need to let Him make us who He wants us to be.  This means allowing God to straighten us out.  When we make a mistake or sin, especially when our kids know about it, we need to come clean with them and let them see us repent to God and to anyone we have harmed.  Also, we need to ask them to pray for us as we pray for them.  This teaches them to be compassionate and responsible members of the body of Christ.  It also lets them know that making a mistake is not the worst thing they can do, and it helps them reject shame and

The Gimenezes lived transparent lives around their daughter.  Bishop Anne prayed that Robin wouldn't find anything better in the world than what was shown at home. When Robin left the family for the first time, she travelled abroad with Mercy Ships on missions and she was exposed to different churches.  From this she learned what she truly believed in.  Upon her return home, Robin found that she went to church because she wanted to.

God's promise to pour out on our sons and daughters in the book of Joel is true today.  We must focus on that promise.  Bishop Anne says we will see it come to pass and we must keep that Word in front of us.  We must believe God's Word.  It is tested and tried and more precious than gold.  We must stand the test.  Once our children are marked for God, they're marked.  Bishop Anne says the generation in this hour will do exploits for God.  Parents don't have to just be a godly example to their own children.  Adults can mark all of the children they have interaction with for God.

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