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D, Barry

  • Born to Play
    Got jazz?  Barry D does.  And gospel and R&B too.  With his latest jazz instrumental album, Born to Play, Barry D gives you a little bit of everything.  A piano prodigy by age eight, Barry has learned a lot along the way.  Tracks like "Going Through" and "Take Me Higher" offer traditional jazz vibes, while songs like "The Wind" feel more like smooth R&B.  Barry has even mixed in a little Spanish influence with "Si Usted Tiene Sed".  Although a couple of the original songs missed the mark for me, the majority are good and the covers are impeccable.  The 'piece de resistance' is Barry’s cover of "I Want to Know What Love Is".  It is simply beautiful, and it really takes you back. It’s also one of the only tracks with choral accompaniment. Album Highlights: "I Want to Know What Love Is" and "The Train’s Comin’" - pilar davis

D'Arcy Carmen

  • A Place Called Grace
    If you like to listen to music while soaking in the presence of the Lord then Carmen D’Arcy’s debut album, A Place Called Grace is for you. The album is all about worshipping God to the fullest and nothing less. D’Arcy is an experienced worship leader and a gifted song writer, both of which are very evident on the album. She co-wrote ten of its eleven songs. Many of them are authentic love songs to God. “We Adore Thee” and “You’re Beautiful” give thanks to God for his grace and mercy to all. Another song, “Fade” is a reminder that the highest glory and honor is due to God alone. A place Called Grace is a worship album that ranks with the best and it is a must have for all who love to glorify God. Album Highlights: “We Adore Thee,” “You’re Beautiful,” and “You Are Everything.” – kimberly a. lilly

David Crowder Band

  • Remedy Club Tour
    The David Crowder Band released the Remedy Club Tour CD/DVD on August 19, and it is one of those albums you either love or hate. The CD has everything you would expect from the Crowder Band — fun rock songs and cool sing-along lyrics. So if you’re already a die-hard fan of the band, then you are sure to love this album. However, if you’re one of those people that has been waiting for the right DCB song to take you over the edge before declaring yourself a fan, then unfortunately that song is not on this album—nor is it on the DVD. Album Highlights: "O Praise Him," "No One Like You," and "Surely We Can Change." – kimberly a. lilly
  • Remedy
    It was next to impossible to top the epic A Collision, which landed David Crowder Band on the top of all the “Best of” charts. So, the band did one better… and didn’t even try. Remedy is a completely different animal, shorter in length (a mere 10 tracks) and musically more concise. Gone are the peeks and valleys. Remedy is a quick shot in the arm full of everything you love about DCB. Futuristic worship and a heart that’s bleeding for a Savior to come are the crowning achievements of this album. “Glory of It All” is a welcoming call to dive in. The first single, “Everything Glorious”, is straight Crowder, while “We Won’t Be Quiet” is soon to be the next concert crowd pleaser. Underneath it all is a message that simply says “Jesus is the answer.” It’s thoroughly enjoyable and the healing balm for a hurting world. Album Highlights: “We Won’t Be Quiet”, “Remedy”, and “Glory of It All”- jennifer e. jones
  • A Collision
    "Innovative worship" and "David Crowder Band" should be synonyms. The Texans bring together all genres to praise the Lord on A Collision. What I love about DCB is that they utilize every instrument in their band to create a unique sound all their own. They can do simple, get-the-youth-group-jumping praise like “Here is Our King” and the melancholy but hopeful “O God Where Are You Now.” You really see DCB’s diversity during “Part B” where they dabble in southern gospel and bluegrass with the help of the fabulous Marty Stuart and his mandolin. Somehow through all the others who dipped in and out of the pop worship trend, DCB has not only stayed in the game but remained on top. A Collision is "depravity" meeting "divinity," and yes, it is a "beautiful collision." Too hard to pick album highlights. It’s an experience piece that should be listened to in its entirety with headphones on and hands lifted high. - jennifer e. jones
  • B Collision
    Your need to buy David Crowder Band’s B Collision is directly proportioned to how much of a fan you are. B Collision would more aptly be called A Collision: The Remix, because it’s mostly the same songs with a few twists. More acoustic cuts are done of “Beautiful Collision” and “Wholly Yours.” “Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven” is extended from an intro into a full song. The live versions of “Be Lifted” and “I Saw the Light” are fun but not that much different than the originals. If you can’t get enough of DCB, then by all means, flock to this latest release. But if the seven songs aren’t enough for you, then A Collision was extensive enough to keep you satisfied until the band comes out with new material. Album Highlights: “Beautiful Collision-B Variant”- jennifer e. jones

Day of Fire

  • Losing All
    Day of Fire's third studio release, Losing All, breathes a fresh rock & roll meaning into the word "rebirth". With this album, the band has legitimized a place among mainstream rock acts. "Hello Heartache," a co-write with Daughtry, prepares the way for a "Day of Fire" entrance into the Top 40 format, while songs such as "Light 'Em Up" and "Lately" succeed in satisfying their fan's craving for gritty American rock. Frontman Josh Brown confidently shatters the "bull's eye" every time he commands the mic. This ain't a CCM record. This is rock & roll that bleeds with desperation and hope. Album Highlights: "Hello Heartache", "Light 'Em Up", and "Lately" - rob vischer
  • Cut & Move
    “I’m not afraid to show my heart.” This line from “Hole in My Hand” is a truth that’s evident in Josh Brown's gravel-deep vocals as he sings about Christ on Day of Fire’s new album Cut & Move. Their debut self-titled CD was a hard act to follow, but Day of Fire brings it on with even harder guitars and hard-hitting lyrics. For example, the bass lines are deeper and the drums more driving – especially on “Run.” They keep it interesting while never deviating from the sound that made them a breakout artist on the hard rock scene. Album Highlights: “Reborn” and “Hole in My Hand” - jennifer e. jones

dc Talk

  • Jesus Freak: The 10th Anniversary Edition
    dc Talk… Even 10 years later, Toby, Michael and Kevin still know how to redefine CCM. The 10th anniversary re-release of Jesus Freak is re-mastered, cleaner, and a Godsend for those of us whose 1995 CDs barely play past “Colored People”. For the Jesus Freak lover, this album has everything: every track from the original that plays as fresh as the first time, live performances of the Beatles’ “Help!”, REM’s “It’s the End of the World (As We Know It)” among others, and modernized make-overs of classic dc Talk songs. Unlike the anti-climactic Freak! (the snooze fest of Jesus Freak covers by Gotee artists), the remixed versions of “So Help Me God”, “Like It, Love It, Need It”, and others transform them into trip-hop, acoustic pop, or acid jazz for the soul. This double-disc delight only proves that dc Talk is and always will be ahead of its time. Album Highlights: “So Help Me God (Savadocious Junk Yard Mix 1974)” and “What Have We Become? (dDubb Remix)”- jennifer e. jones


  • Satisfied
    August 26 was a great day for rock music lovers, as it is the day DecembeRadio’s new album, Satisfied, was released. The album has a lot of hardcore rock songs that are sure to please young rockers and other songs that will even reach non-rock lovers. The CD is made up of tracks that will encourage and inspire fans, and songs that will surely be satisfying to their ears. Album Highlights includes: " Love Can," "Be Alright," "Find You Waiting" – kimberly a. lilly
  • DecembeRadio
    DecembeRadio paves a possible road to crossover success on their debut self-titled album. Their sound (very Bon Jovi meets Nickelback and Default) is backroads rock’n’roll with Christ-centered lyrics. “Drifter” has the country soul guitars and the southern organ that recalls their West Virginian roots. They don’t sound like anything on Christian radio today which may work to their favor. The God-is-comin’-to-get-you track, “Can’t Hide,” and the even tougher “Dangerous” are hard-hitting. “Alright My Friend” is more mellow yet still gripping. Impressive. This band brings Christian rock back to its origins. Album Highlights: “Drifter” and “Alright My Friend” - jennifer e. jones


  • Kingdom of Comfort
    Since the debut album in 1996, Delirious? has been a well-known Christian rock band – and for good reason. The newest CD, Kingdom of Comfort, offers listeners yet another album to enjoy. The album gives old fans more classic Delirious? moments, while also adding a grittier guitar sound to the mix. With a relevant message on apathy, the band challenges people to “break the silence” and ask the question “what are we living for?” (see the songs “Break the Silence” and “Kingdom of Comfort”). At times, the album sounds a bit depressing in mood, but overall portrays a message of hope, revolution, and rock and roll. Highlights: “Love Will Find A Way” and “All God’s Children” – amy nickerson
  • Now Is the Time: Live at Willow Creek, Chicago USA
    Worship is really meant to be recorded live over an audience with hands raised high. You feel that on Delirious?’s latest album, Now Is the Time. The UK band came to Chicago’s Willow Creek Community Church to lift up Jesus and play a few of their favorite songs. They get a little raucous (“Paint the Town Red”) but know how to slow it down too (“What a Friend”). After several lackluster covers released by other bands recently, it was a joy to hear Delirious? reclaim “Rain Down” again. Plus, it’s simply splendid how “Every Little Thing” blends right into “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” and “Take Off My Shoes,” then launches into a larger-than-life rendition of “Majesty.” Now Is the Time is truly a masterpiece of a performance with everything a worship-lover wants. This epic album serves as a reminder that Delirious? is still among the forerunners of modern rock worship. Album Highlights: “Rain Down” and “Our God Reigns” - jennifer e. jones

Deyo, Jeff

  • Surrender
    It's raw, unabashed worship live. A must-have for worship music lovers and those who own Light or Saturate. After a slew of pop artists wore out the worship trend, Jeff Deyo comes back and displays the passionate adoration for God with musical skill and precision that makes this genre come alive again. Album highlights: "More Love, More Power" and "Bless the Lord" - jennifer e. jones

Diamond Rio

  • The Reason
    The Reason is an astonishing blend of crossover-country and contemporary Christian music. Diamond Rio has been performing together over 20 years and has sold over 10 million albums worldwide, and their debut album is a testament to their extraordinary talent. The songs are filled with such passion; you can feel their love for God seep into your very core as you listen to these sooth harmonies, gorgeous vocals, stirring words, and incredible instrumentals. These tunes are nothing short of breathtaking, and what's more impressive is that this is their first album in the CCM genre. They've proved themselves just as profound in CCM as they have for years in country music. - monique derr

Album Highlights: "The Reason", "My God Does", "In God We Still Trust"

Diaz, Jonny

  • More Beautiful You by Jonny Diaz
    INO Records' newest artist Jonny Diaz steps onto the Christian music stage with a solid debut release in More Beautiful You. This singer, songwriter delivers sincere lyrics about life and faith with a pleasant, easy-on-the-ears voice. Listeners can expect to hear tunes reminiscent of Jason Mraz's fun melodies in "Soon Will Fade" and “Love Like You Loved”, and a little bit of Rascal Flatts-esque country in "One Thing". All and all, it's a good start for this new artist. Album Highlights: "Soon Will Fade" and "Love Like You Loved" - hannah goodwyn


  • From a Kid's Point of View
    While junior soul brothers like Ne-Yo and Chris Brown dominate the R&B charts with meaningless revamped Usher hooks, there is a voice in the wilderness that’s calling out for Christ. Meet the passionate Dijon – the 14-year-old singing sensation. There’s a whole lot of music inside this young talent and his debut, A Kid’s Point of View, is an excellent showcase. I especially give him kudos for a different version of “How Great Is Our God” that’s worthy of the original. Also, the title track speaks the mind of any child suffering through divorce. He is, as his songs say, “a true soldier for God”. Album Highlights: “A Kid’s Point of View” and “How Great Is Our God” - jennifer e. jones

Dillon, Bethany

  • Stop & Listen
    Bethany Dillon's newly released album, Stop & Listen, will not disappoint her fans. She is known for her soft, acoustic-based sounds and distinct vocals, and those are exactly what she gives. One issue I have with buying a Dillon album is that after awhile, some of the songs seem to blend together. Her lyrics are always solid, but she will have to work on adding something new musically on her next project. On the whole, this album is very enjoyable, but maybe a little predictable. Album Highlights: "Everyone to Know", "Get Up and Walk", "Deliver Me" - rebekah wilson
  • Waking Up
    With her third album, Bethany is waking us up to her staying power, and fans of her breathy vocals and distinctive lyrics will not be disappointed. On tracks such as “Tell Me,” and “Come Find Me,” she displays stirring raw strength and emotion and even delivers a few feel-good love songs (“When You Love Someone” and “You Could Be the One”) that teens will love to dream to. While the album is essentially successful, watch out for a few mildly monotonous tracks, and listen for “The Kingdom,” the driving force behind the album’s power that leaves even the title track in the dust. The most likable element is identifying with lines such as “Teach me how to hunger/’Cause I don’t know the words yet,” showing Bethany’s characteristic longing for truth on this praiseworthy release. Album Highlights: “The Kingdom,” and “You Are On Our Side” - rebekah wilson
  • Imagination
    It’s more teen acoustic pop from the Inspo/AC charter Bethany Dillon. This sophomore release plays like a part two of her self-titled debut. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but it doesn’t exactly imply growth or stretch as an artist. A few songs like “New” and “Hallelujah” are rehashing typical CCM radio. However, “My Love Hasn’t Grown Cold” is smooth and allows Bethany to experiment with a little bit of Norah Jones-esque crooning. Whether you’re expecting more or less from this follow-up, Bethany still gets brownie points for being so talented at so young an age. Album Highlights: “Airplane,” “Dreamer,” and “My Love Hasn’t Grown Cold” - jennifer e. jones


  • Southern Hospitality
    Disciple's Southern Hospitality has a welcoming start that almost departs from the band's holy scream-fest, mosh-worthy origins. The title song rolls along the same southern hard rock tracks as DecembeRadio. However, it doesn't stay there for long. "Romance Me" is almost emo, and by the sixth song, Disciple is back to its old habits. The chorus of "Phoenix Rising" sounds a lot like its first single, "The Wait Is Over". It's good, but we've heard it before. Hardcore fans of the band will probably dig into this new release; however, I'm still holding tight to their far more superior (and cohesive) sophomore album, Scars Remain. Album Highlights: "Southern Hospitality" – jennifer e. jones
  • Scars Remain
    The wait is over for Disciple fans who couldn’t be satisfied with the scream-fest that was their last self-titled release. Scars Remain is serious metal that may leave you with some flesh wounds, but you’ll be better for it in the end. Front man Kevin Young’s voice pierces through every track like a sword. The words “This is what I want / for you to die” run through the chorus of the opening track, “Regime Change”, and set the tone for the rough’n’tumble rock romp. The guys use brute force on “Game On”, yet, they get downright sentimental on their ballads (i.e., “I arrange the light of your first day / I create the rhythm your heart makes” on the divine love song “After the World”). Disciple delivers a surprisingly thoughtful album that still rocks. Album Highlights: “Game On” and "My Hell" - jennifer e. jones

DJ Maj

  • BoogiRoot
    It’s time to get back to the BoogiRoot. DJ Maj assembled an all-star cast to help him out on his fourth album. From the Verbs to LA Symphony to Mars Ill’s manChild, it’s a parade of rappers slinging decent rhymes on funky rhythms. In spite of the multitude of collaborators, BoogiRoot has a consistent flow that doesn't drop the ball from track to track. Maj also manages to stay true to his own sound while still highlighting the best of the visiting MCs (i.e., tobyMac’s “Can’t Take It Away” sounds like a bonus track off of Diverse City). Get up with the deep beats of "uAppeal” or groove with “Soul Window.” It’s all good through and through. Album Highlights: “Gotta Go Now” and “Love (So Beautiful)" featuring Liquid Beats, “Soul Window” featuring MOC and Ayiesha Woods, and “uAppeal” featuring manChild and Special ED - jennifer e. jones


  • Wide-Eyed and Mystified
    After five years, Downhere hits its stride with Wide-Eyed and Mystified. The lyrics are on point; their sound is fuller, and Marc Martel’s unique vocals have never sounded better. “The More” stands out as the first track and radio single for good reason. It rocks the hardest with a fun beat and a chorus that begs you to sing along. They weigh the balance between rock guitar and melodic piano well with a consistent rhythm throughout the entire project. Tracks such as the acoustic, thought-provoker “1,000 Miles Apart” and the powerful “Surrender” show the band is finally comfortable in their own musical skin. After one listen, fans will fully understand what Downhere means when they sing, “I’m here to testify / It’s been an amazing ride with You.” Album Highlights: "The More" and "1,000 Miles Apart" - jennifer e. jones


  • Comedown
    On September 29, rock 'n' roll snuck across U.S. borders with a Norwegian swagger. Dreampilots' under-the-radar release, Comedown, struts the fine line between in-your-face, throwback rock and an accessibly layered production style. Most of the tracks feel like a fresh footprint on familiar soil. Scandinavian innovation meets Brit-rock familiarity, and sparks fly through the earbuds like an audible aurora borealis. U2 sonically haunts the album's guitars with especially edge-y ghosts appearing on "Comedown". Another surprising influence is the special sauce of Snow Patrol-ish songwriting that tenderizes "Throw Myself". Future headline: "Dreampilots Make Rock 'n' Roll Fans Dream Again" - rob vischer

Album Highlights: "Keep My Soul", "Comedown", "Throw Myself"

Driscoll, Phil

  • Drops of Praise
    Phil Driscoll is more than just a trumpeter. His voice resounds with the experience of over 30 years in the music business. With Joe Cocker grittiness and a soulful yearning like early Mylon Lefevre, Driscoll offers an album that mixes all of his styles into one. There’s blues (“True Love Cannot Hide”), bossa nova (“Love Unchanging”), gospel (“Drops of Praise”) and everything in between. “I Will Dance” is a back-porch-on-a-summer-day, reflective ballad about the passing of a loved one. He put the traditional worship song “Lord I Give You My Heart” to a mellow jazz tune. Overall, Drops of Praise is an excellent watermark in an already remarkable career. Album Highlights: “Capital,” “True Love Cannot Wait,” and “Beautiful” - jennifer e. jones

Bryan Duncan & the NehoSoul Band

  • A NehoSoul Christmas
    It’s blue-eyed soul for the holiday season as Bryan Duncan and his NehoSoul Band serve up a few Christmas classics. He gives old school songs like “Silent Night” and “Winter Wonderland” a jazzy spin, and he is in his groove on “Christmas Time is Here.” With only ten songs, it’s a little short, and it flows so well you don’t want the party to end so soon. You gotta love the carefree, debt-glorifying melody of “Christmas Comes But Once a Year,” and Bryan Duncan’s own “This Christmas” (“Treat every soul like it was Christmas”). Great holiday fun! Album Highlights: “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and “Christmas Time is Here” - jennifer e. jones
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