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  • Galatic Conquest
    eleventyseven morphs into an intergalactic blend of Jonas Brothers and Stellar Kart in a teen/pop/rock genre that is starting to show its age. The trio plays up the electronic key-tar in a posh punk fashion riddled with ‘80s riffs. It’s hyper, and that’s just about all it has going for it. For those young ‘uns who dig the retro sound, there is an inevitable concert favorite in “Fight to Save Your Life” where they chant: “Join the fight to save your life / Don’t leave it up to everybody else.” “How It Feels” is the obligatory acoustic, love-song-for-Jesus ballad. Tender and sincere but not surprising. Galatic Conquest is for eleventyseven’s niche audience who doesn’t remember when this kind of music was popular back in1985. For those of us who do, we’ve seen it done better. Album Highlights: “Fight to Save Your Life” - jennifer e. jones
  • And the Land of Fake Believe
    If it’s pop punk you want, then get a load of eleventyseven. This South Carolina threesome jumps on to the Flicker Records roster with the cleverly named And the Land of Fake Believe. It’s hard to sit still during the energetic riffs and fast beats on “Odds and Evens So’s,” and “Anti-Adieu” made this listener actually day dream about how much fun eleventyseven must be in concert. Plus, breaking up has never been more fun than on “A Stellar Sayonara” and “Teenage Heartbreak.” Granted, the lyrics aren’t Shakespeare but if dig Hawk Nelson and Stellar Kart, then go take a trip to The Land of Fake Believe. Album Highlights: “A Stellar Sayonara” and “Here with Me” - jennifer e. jones

Engle, Joel

  • I Believe in You
    When it comes to corporate worship, the market is cornered by a firm called Tomlin, Deyo, Redman, and Hughes. Joel Engle attempts to make a name for himself in this packed house with his sophomore album. The trouble with I Believe in You is that it doesn’t make the music as unique as it needs to be. In spite of the earnestness behind the title track and others like “If I Don’t Bring You Glory”, Engle can’t help but mimic every other worship leader on the radio. The spark of hope that gives this project life is in the yearning of “Capture Me Again”, the closing ballad. In it, he longs for a soul re-ignited with a fiery passion for Christ. I can only wish the rest of the project shared that same fire. Album Highlights: “Capture Me Again”- jennifer e. jones

English, Michael

  • The Prodigal Comes Home
    The Prodigal Comes Home is the recently released album by Michael English. The album sounds a bit like English’s testimony and autobiography all in one.  With lyrics such as: “I made some choices that I’m not proud of · I was a mess couldn’t care less · ‘Bout anyone but me · But there was this angel I was so sure would save me · Oh we fell in love and I messed that up…,” it appears English is singing of an unfortunate affair that resulted in his divorce from his first wife. Never the less, his entire album is full of touching, heartfelt personal experiences of life and of God’s grace. Others songs proving this include: “Feels like Redemption,” “Break Through” and “The Only Thing Good in Me.” Without a doubt, this album is his best.  Furthermore, for those who have a little insight of English’s personal testimony the album will prove to be even more powerful. Album Highlights: “Sanctuary,” “Feels Like Redemption,” “Break Through,” “Time.” - kimberly a. lilly


  • Lamps
    Esterlyn is a boy band that would make great performers at events such as Ron Luce’s Battle Cry and Acquire the Fire. Yet, this group would make great performers at any place where there are people who love jumping around to loud music.  Their debut album, Lamps, is cool in its own way, yet their sound is substantially similar to many other bands. Tracks on the album provide encouraging slow and up-beat tempo songs of the pop/rock genre that the young adult generation, if no one else, will absolutely love.  The album was influenced by Matthew chapter 5, which speaks of letting your light shine; hence the album’s title Lamps. Hoping to inspire listeners to be the light in any dark place, Nick, John, and Tony sing about personal life experiences and God’s continuous work in their lives.  Album Highlights: “We All Need,” “This Mystery,” “Emptiness,” “Faster Faster,” “Lamps.” - kimberly a. lilly

Evans, Anthony

  • The Bridge

    Anthony Evan’s latest album, The Bridge, is a must have CD for all worshipers. The album is made up of popular contemporary worship songs such as, "Here I Am To Worship," "Blessed Be Your Name," and "Let It Rain." The Bridge was birthed during a season of transition that required Evans to completely surrender to God. It was during this particular season that Evans realized that he was created to worship. As a result of Evans' realization, worship is exactly what The Bridge is all about. On the album, Evans successfully puts his own personal spin on each song, giving each one a unique and individual flavor. So, if you’re looking for some old songs with new twists, or if you’re like Evans and you’ve realized the importance of worship, then this is the album for you. Album Highlights: "Here I Am To Worship," "Your Name," and "Lord I Give You My Heart/ How Great Is Our God.”  - kimberly a. lilly

  • Letting Go
    Anthony Evans’ strong suit has always been his smooth, powerful vocals, and they are certainly showcased on his sophomore album. His ability to belt out his notes with strength saves this occassionally cliché CCM release. He does his best to change things up by getting more rock’n’roll in his soul on “Good Enough” and “Love You With My Life.” The title track is an encouraging message of God’s faithfulness to the hurting heart. It’s adult contemporary with little compromise and a decent follow-up album worthy of this talented singer. Album Highlights: “Letting Go” and “Whatever I Can’t Erase” - jennifer e. jones

Everyday Sunday

  • Wake Up! Wake Up!
    Everyday Sunday takes a giant step up on their latest album. Much like Stellar Kart and Relient K, this rock band matured in both their sound and lyrical content this time around. You hear it from the very first track, “Let’s Go Back”, where they plead: “Tell me what you want / And I’ll tell you / You’re so much more than / Anything you thought that you could be.” They keep just enough pop in their rock to make their songs catchy. They even resurrect some ‘80s keyboard on “From Me to You”. Themes bounce between relationships (“I’ll Get Over It”) and wanting a deeper faith in God (“Apathy for Apologies”). Fans and Sunday novices alike should get their hands on this impressive project. Album Highlights: “Let’s Go Back” and “Apathy for Apologies”- jennifer e. jones
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