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Dr. Aaron Tabor
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Soy’s Powerful Antioxidant Benefits

By Aaron Tabor, M.D.
CEO and Medical Research Director for Revival Soy - During each day of our lives, we are exposed to oxidative stress. Our bodies produce free radicals, unstable molecules that cause harm to our body’s cells as a by-product of normal metabolism. Exposure to a variety of environmental factors, such as cigarette smoke and environmental pollutants, also increases our susceptibility to free radicals.

The resulting oxidative damage has been implicated in a number of chronic health conditions. Therefore, it is important to consume adequate amounts of dietary antioxidants to reduce the oxidative stress and maintain overall health.

A growing amount of cell culture/test tube (1-3), animal(4-6), and human (7-12) research suggests that the isoflavones in soy are powerful antioxidants. Studies have reported that soy isoflavones alone (1) and in combination with vitamin C (2) reduce the oxidation of plasma LDL cholesterol. Scientific research has also suggested that soy consumption reduces plasma LDL cholesterol oxidation— the oxidation process turns bad LDL into a form that is even worse! (4) —and inhibits oxidative damage to the skin (5).

Several human clinical studies have demonstrated the beneficial antioxidant effects of soy. In one study, it was reported that higher amounts of isoflavones reduced lipid oxidation to a greater extent than low isoflavone amounts (7). Other studies have shown that soy isoflavones reduce markers of oxidative damage (8-10) and improve total antioxidant status (10-11). Furthermore, in a study of breast cancer survivors, consumption of soy isoflavones increased the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (12). Overall, these studies suggest that adding soy to your diet may help to support better antioxidant status.

So, while many forms of stress can alter your health and outlook on life through oxidative damage, including antioxidants from soy isoflavone-rich foods and supplements in your daily diet can help to reduce the effects of everyday stress.

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