Have you ever heard the acronym "BDS" and wondered what it stands for? The simple definition is "economic warfare against Israel." The target of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement is Israel, the world's only Jewish nation.

In CBN Israel's free and exclusive guide entitled, Stop the Boycott of Israel, you'll find out why this dangerous movement poses a serious threat to the people and nation of Israel.

You'll also receive a toolbox of facts and action steps to use in your sphere of influence. Knowledge put into action will make you part of the solution as you stand beside Israel.

The valuable content inside:

  • The BDS Movement Is Not New

  • The Real Motives Behind the BDS Movement

  • Singling Out Israel Is Anti-Semitic

  • The Impact of BDS On Israel

  • BDS Uses Key Strategies from Hitler

  • How Christians Can Stand With Israel and Stop BDS

  • And much more!

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