The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

September 2014





William’s god was money. It cost him his marriage, his reputation, and eventually his freedom when he turned to white-collar crime in desperation to recoup financial losses.

Andrew and Danielle share the story of how their family miraculously survived an F-5 tornado.


Shon thought the way to turn his life around was by robbing banks. After years of incarceration, he found a new career in law, and a new understanding for God’s unconditional love.

Mary began having mysterious pains in her head and neck and doctors could not make sense of her symptoms, but when Gordon Robertson called her out by name during a prayer on The 700 Club, God did a miracle.


In 2010, an armed robber busted into Marian’s store. She reacts by casting him out in the name of Jesus and the Stunned robber retreats and is later caught.

Former NFL Quarterback Jon Kitna isn't just an algebra teacher and coach at his former high school, he's a mentor who shows kids what it means to be a real man.


While pregnant in 2011, Billie began experiencing pain in her hip. The pain continued for two years and the family could not afford surgery.

Cut from the NFL and bankrupt, Greg Scott found purpose in helping others eat.


A high school football standout loses his future prospects when hit by a car. Joey’s tendency to party before the tragedy became full on addiction after his dreams were crushed.

Even with a chronic, disabling disease, Wendy was able to take a mission trip to Africa where her life took a dramatic turn.


Author and finance expert Jeffrey Condon discusses the most effective ways to leave money to your heirs.

Chris and Morgan met as Marine trainees, but they were never taught how to endure a challenging marriage.


Pastor and author Steve Kelly explains the ten hallmarks of leadership gleaned from his years as a church leader.

Trey Canard knew what it meant to be a Christian, but as he made a name for himself in motocross, his heat had little room for God.


Author Jonathan Cahn discusses the 3,000 year-old mystery that holds the secret to the world's future.

New York Giants linebacker Mark Herzlichtalks about faith and football with CBN Sports.


Author Jan Karon talks about her return to the best-selling Mitford books that showcase the importance of faith in everyday life.

FDNY fireman Steve Negron remembers the lessons of 9/11.


When the recession hit in 2008, Giselle lost her job and bills began to pile up

Anthony had a distorted view of what a 'real man' was, so his involvment in gangs and drugs came as no surprise.



A successful caterer shares his secret to bouncing back after bankruptcy.

Unable to afford surgery, a Chinese mother cries out for help. CBN partners answer with an outpouring of compassion.


Lead singer of Anthem Lights, Alan Powell discusses the choices that affect life and marriage as seen in his new movie, “The Song.”

A struggling farm family tries to make ends meet by giving money away!


Author and speaker Willie Jolley shares how to overcome disappointment and achieve a new life.

An unemployed single mother finds a job with a little help from a friend.


Carl’s childhood was dysfunctional and chaotic, surrounded by drugs and crime. In his teens, he was involved in a murder which resulted in prison time.

His daughter’s heart surgery distracted Nelson from his business and he began to go under.


Author Sara Hagerty shares about the ten year dry spell she experienced in her spiritual walk and what she learned from it when emerging on the other side.

Married in their early teens, Chris and Yvonne face great odds for a successful union. Addiction, abuse and immaturity run amok, but God offers hope for a hurting relationship.