The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

January 2015








Mickey had visions of the afterlife following a plane crash.

Melody was diagnosed with cancer after she finally became pregnant.


Angie led a glamorous Las Vegas lifestyle full of celebrities, drugs, and alcohol which left her feeling empty and guilt-ridden.

CBN stepped in to help make sure these African children could walk safely to school.


Author Garth Callaghan learned the importance of making every moment count when he was diagnosed with cancer.

An unexpected job loss and growing family left Heath and Kara worried and desperate, until CBN’s Operation Blessing stepped in to offer hope to their family.


Some foods actually feed bad bacteria and viruses, while other foods protect you from illness. You'll have fewer sick days when you avoid the bad and embrace the good.

President of Oral Roberts University Dr. Billy Wilson seeks to unite Christians in 2015.


Our lifestyles and food supply make it nearly impossible to acquire all of the necessary vitamins and minerals necessary to fight-off invading bacteria and viruses.

Diana never lost hope that her shoulder would be healed.


Negative thoughts and feelings have a devastating impact on your body's ability to fight disease. But you can learn to properly deal with stress.

Duck Dynasty's Al & Lisa Robertson share how their marriage was restored.


Your body requires movement in order for your immune system to work properly. Exercise strengthens your body's ability to fend-off attacks by unhealthy bacteria and viruses.

Ronny and Jody love sharing the animated series Superbook with their grandchildren.


William and Sandra were drowning in $55,000 of debt - see how they got out of it!

How does a family in poverty pay for heart surgery for their daughter?


Tony pastored a small church but made little to support his family. Learn how his income skyrocketed!

Ingrid couldn't afford the surgery needed to stop her son from going blind, so CBN stepped in to help.


Jeribai was a successful designer but made mistakes when managing his business. See how he bounced back.

Marjorie and her family needed help cleaning up after surviving the flood in Pensacola.


Tom and Corrine gave to others despite having no income.

Young Luis' life changed after watching an episode of the animated series Superbook!



Mrs. Tang couldn't afford to pay for two heart surgeries and feared she would lose her children.

Danielle was in financial straits but trusted God to provide for her family.


Katrina struggled when she started out as a hairdresser, but now she owns a successful high-end salon!

Melissa is a single mom who will soon be deployed overseas. See how CBN's Helping the Home Front blessed her family.


Find out how Scott increaced his salary with promotions and a growing career!

Ulfat and her family escaped a terrible flood, but lost everything they owned.


George and Angie changed their family's financial outlook by taking a big risk.

10-year-old Lu Kai's parents couldn't pay for his cancer treatment. See how CBN stepped in to help.


Monica made mistakes with credit cards early in life, but soon found the key to digging out of debt.

Oy and his family had given up hope of having a fresh water well in their village in Thailand, until CBN stepped in to help.


Tony pastored a small church but made little to support his family. Learn how his income skyrocketed!

Jenny's family home was washed away in a typhoon, but CBN stepped in to help.


William's obsession with money landed him in prison.

Andrew, Danielle, and their children miraculously lived though an F-5 tornado.


Former 700 Club co-host Sheila Walsh shares her journery from severe clinical depression.

Angela thought her mysterious illness would end her life.


Herman and April divorced, then they fell in love again.

Learn how you can pray under the authority of Christ.


Former professional fighter George Foreman III shares boxing strategies you can use for life.

The 700 Club's Shawn Brown is in Arizona finding stories of faith at the Super Bowl.


Pastor Richard Skoff changed his health habits and trusted God for healing.

Team chaplains play a vital role behind the scenes at the Super Bowl.