The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

July 2014






Lyme disease threatens Mary Rose's life, but her mother never loses faith that God will restore her.

Bad decisions bring serious consequences for Dana, but redemption remains just one prayer away.


Tajuan's at-risk childhood set her up for a life of pain, but today she is helping others on that same path.

When Sue was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the prime of her life, her apathy towards God began to change.


As a teen, Chris lost his direction in life with the untimely death of his father.

A torn heart valve was slowly killing Joyya and she needed immediate open heart surgery. Family and friends mobilized to pray and a miracle occurred.


Jessica Lynch discusses her time in the military, her experience of being a POW and how faith played a roll all along the way.

Author and Military Spouse of the Year Sara Jane Arnett discusses how to survive deployments and thrive as a military family.


Shay turned to a life on the streets to escape her abusive uncle. Drugs, prostitution, and an attempted murder conviction eventually led her to find the peace she so desperately craved.

Shawna was scared of the pain in her throat that was affecting her ability to swallow, but one prayer changed everything.


A jellyfish sting literally killed Ian McCormack while lobster diving in the Indian Ocean. Discover what brought him back to life.

Stephen declared he would never worship any God outside of his Hindu gods. Then one night as he prayed for healing, he encountered Jesus.


Author Don Piperdiscusses his trip to heaven after dying in a traffic accident. 

Medically inexplicable seizures began to plague Doris for years, but she never lost faith in a God that heals.



A shoulder injury threatened the career of accomplished, professional body builder Peter Putnam, but after hearing a prayer on The 700 Club, the pain went away.

The amazing story of Emily's prayers that led to fresh water in a Kenyan village.


Pat Murdock will discuss the Issachar Initiative, its work to help complete the Great Commission and their small group curriculum—“Count for Zero”

At six months pregnant, Monique had a cerebral hemorrhage, aneurism, and was not expected to live.  After a prayer by two nuns and a nurse, Monique regained consciousness and gave birth to a healthy baby.


St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher Adam Wainwright uses unpredictability in his delivery to keep hitters guessing. He attributes his success and fearlessness to a deep abiding faith in Jesus Christ.

Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman open up about their public and private grief after the loss of their daughter.


A persistent sore throat left doctors guessing, but John prayed with Terry Meeuwsen while watching The 700 Club and something amazing happened.

A contestant from season two of NBC’s “The Voice,” Anthony Evans discusses his faith and desire to reach the unchurched.


As a young girl, Lauryn associated beauty with weight and a deadly eating disorder took root in her life.

For years Jim chose drugs and crime above all else. After finding redemption in prison, he now dedicates himself to helping others avoid the path he took.


Robert started out as the face of the law, but his decision to be a dirty cop put him in the crosshairs of the law.

Dustin shares his experience of staying true to his Christian faith while winning The History Channel's 'Top Shot' reality show.


An advertisement for a dancing job led Teresa into the sex industry. Years later, an ad for a local church helped her escape.

Years of pain and rejection from childhood ushered Jimmy into a life of drug abuse that plagued him as a professional Hollywood stuntman, until one day a friend challenged him to read a Bible.


Author Gary Chapman shares tips on successful relationships and keys to strengthen your marriage.

Perry was a successful pastor, but battled anxiety and depression connected to unresolved childhood issues.


Jacksonville Jaguars long snapper Carson Tinker shares his story of surviving the devastating tornado that took his girlfriend’s life.

Paula became addicted to the Vicodin prescribed to her for migraine headaches. Years later she felt the urging of the Lord to trust Him for total healing of both migraines and drug addiction.


Running from pain and disappointment only intensified Michelle’sdownward spiral that began in her late teens. But after the heartbreak, Jesus was there to help put her life back together.

Shawna's constant throat pain was a mystery to doctors, then was supernaturally erased.


Loretta was suffering from MRSA when God used a prayer on TV to bring healing.

A victim of childhood abuse, Larry suppressed the pain with drugs and alcohol. After his seventh DUI he went to prison and began to reevaluate his life.


All the money in the world couldn’t change the outcome of G.L.’s near-fatal motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed.

Christopher spent the first 16 years of his life with a paralyzed colon and intestine until a prayer meeting led to a miraculous healing.


A passion for racecar driving made Davey Hamilton a champion in the Indy Racing League Indy Car Series, but an accident in 2001 sent him back to his spiritual roots.

You gave this family two simple gifts and now they have hope and a future. Thank you, CBN partners.


Baylor University’s football coach Art Briles talks with CBN Sports about turning to his faith to overcome personal tragedy.

Nationally renowned vocalist Tasha Cobbs shares how the sudden loss of her father was a time of great sadness and personal triumph.



Dave Berg co-produced The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for 18 years and he offers perspective on the challenges facing Christians in Hollywood.

Mike wanted the money and life of the drug dealers he saw as a child. He got his wish, but it was more than he bargained for when it came attached to a prison sentence.


An on-the-job accident left logger Gary Tetro with a nagging arm injury for decades. After 22 years, a prayer on The 700 Club led to a miracle.

Kamal’s arranged marriage resulted in 11 years of physical and emotional abuse. After her husband tried to take their four kids away from her, Kamal risked everything to get them back.