The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

March 2014





Gordon Robertson looks at a few of the creative "environment-saving" ideas that Israelis have either invented or improved upon.


Crushed between two cars in her driveway, Rachel's life was in the balance as she was airlifted to the hospital.

Cocaine addiction put Kim on the wrong side of a drug deal gone bad, but that's what God used to bring Kim a change of heart.


Gordon Robertson takes a look at some of the medical breakthroughs that have come from Israel, including cancer and diabetes treatment and technology to help blind people see and crippled people walk.

Marcie just wanted to be loved, but after a string of boyfriends, pregnancies and abortions she was left lonely and broken.


An All-Star baseball career is interrupted by injuries leading Glenn Wilson to find emotional comfort in the pills prescribed for his physical pain.

Resia's arthritis in her shoulder was debilitating, but no match for God's power.


A routine hunting trip takes a tragic turn when an errant shotgun blast tears into Gip's head and brain.

A member of baseball's most storied franchise, New York Yankee Mark Teixeira talks with CBN Sports about his faith.


Sporfs executive, author, and leadership expert Pat William shares about the victory he has experienced in his battle with cancer.

Robin's appendix ruptured during surgery, sending her into a coma and a struggle for life.


Founder of Jesus Calls International, Paul Dhinakaran talks about the "prayer towers" being built world-wide.

Nicole had dreamed of being a model for years as a teenager, but by the time she reaced the bright lights of Hollywood, it wasn't all she had hoped for.


Dr. Will Clower discusses the new science behind the consumption of chocolate and why it is actually good for you.

Nadia was raised in a strict Christian family after being adopted from a Russian orphanage. At 18, she rebelled and began a dark journey away from God.


Award-winning former NFL coach Tony Dungy and his wife Lauren discuss the challenges of marriage on the backdrop of life in the NFL.

Tony & Rosa's marriage faced many challenges including drug addiction, porn addiction and infidelity. See how forgiveness led to healing for both.


Evangelist Heidi Baker emphasizes the role that God's love plays in ministering on the local level.

You know them as part of part of the 19 Duggar children from Arkansas, but Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger Duggar have branched out on their own to talk about "Growing Up Duggar."


Robert defined himself by good looks and accomplishments, but he remained empty inside.

Discover the true story of St. Patrick told by the two archbishops of  the Roman Catholic and Anglican St. Patrick's cathedrals in Armagh, northern Ireland.


Author, speaker, vocalist and former 700 Club co-host Sheila Walsh talks about transforming lives by knowing the Word of God.

Deanna grew up in church, but she never truly knew God. Her life floundered for years until she came back to the Cross for emotional healing.


Author Mandy Hale shares the importance of keeping Christ at the center of her life and how He has enabled her to find strength when she needs it most.

Melissa talks about defeating her psoriatic arthritis pain by worshipping God in the midst of the worst suffering.


Bishop TD Jakes explains how to know what God designed you to do by discovering your destiny.

Actor Kevin Sorbo sits down with The 700 Club's Scott Ross to discuss his latest movie, God's Not Dead.


Football player Jason Avant grew up in a rough neighborhood, but nevere lost his passion for sports. He became a Christian in college and is an NFL veteran of 8 years.

Emily sharees the amazing story of the miracle that brought water to a village in Kenya.


Son of NBA journeyman Jim Jackson, Traevon Jackson is making a name for himself on the University of Wisconsin basketball team.

MMA fighter Patrick Hutton battled drug and alcohol addiction outside the cage until he relied on Jesus to be his satisfaction.


Author of ‘Headache Free,' Pharmacist Suzy Cohen discusses methods to alleviate many types of headache pain and improve your overall health.

Grammy winning singer/songwriter Ashley Cleveland shares her story of surrendering to Christ and deliverance from addiction.


Hollywood utility man and current American Idol judge Harry Connick, Jr. talks faith, family, and career as he schools The 700 Club’s Scott Ross on what ‘Every Man Should Know.’

Millie’s life was being threatened by a throat condition making it difficult to swallow, but God was ready to intervene.


Author Brenda Ladun shares her experience of overcoming two bouts with breast cancer and how she encourages others facing obstacles.

Brad was living a double life that eventually caught up with him, but just when he thought he could walk out on his wife a near-death experience changed things.


With Jorge on active duty in the military, his family knew that time together was precious, especially since 15-year-old Victoria was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Double pneumonia puts Yvonne on life support and in a medically induced coma for six weeks. After an encounter with Jesus, she miraculously wakes up three days before life support is to be stopped.


Author of “Business Secrets from the Bible,” Rabbi Daniel Lapin reveals the clear link between financial success and staying true to your faith.

A teenager falls into the gang life just long enough to be implicated in felony murder. After being convicted, Patrick commits his life to Christ in prison and is paroled after 12 years of a life sentence.