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Superbook Movie Night a Huge Success

By Christine McWhorter
The 700 Club - It’s a packed house at London Bridge Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, Va. That’s because it’s movie night and everyone has come to watch their favorite Bible animated series, Superbook.

Cassidy Brinson said, “It’s creative, and it tells you about God.”

Heidi Beauchaine said, “ We always say "garbage in – garbage out" there's no garbage in these movies.  It's the word of God.  It brings the word of God to life to them.”

Mary Beth Russell said, “The concepts of sin, redemption, creation, are all explained in a way that children understand it.”

Many kids were already Superbook Fans. They love Chris and Joy, but one character is everyone’s favorite ... Gizmo.

The kids learned they were about to get a visit from their favorite robot. When it was time for the movie, they watched three episodes: "In the Beginning", "The First Christmas", and "The Last Supper". The crowd was captivated. These families know what many others do, that Superbook is a great way for kids to learn about God.

Beauchaine said, “ It brings the bible to life to them down own level. It actually puts face to Moses, puts faces to Adam and Eve. They can identify with them because they are real people.  That’s why I like it for my children and also for the children in my classroom.”

John Kirby said, “ It’s God inspired so that it couldn’t get any realer.  And children are going to see that, it’s going to soak into their being, it’s going to show them a lot.”
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