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Miracle Prayer Repairs Knee Injury

By Ken Hulme
The 700 Club“My mom was born and raised with horses, and she basically raised us with horses.”

Sherry Decosta lives in Chico, CA just north of Sacramento.  It’s beautiful; it’s rustic; and it’s horse country.   Sherry had always enjoyed riding and caring for horses, until the day, at age 15, she went out for a ride.
“I didn’t feel something was right him.  And he started bucking,” Sherry told CBN.

Sherry jumped from the bucking horse that day, and when she looked down, she saw her knee was bent forty-five degrees in the wrong direction!

“I rolled over on my side at that point and just started screaming.  The pain was so bad that I looked up  at the sky and everything that I saw was kind of flashing,” said Sherry, recalling that horrible day. 

A orthopedic surgeon repaired the badly damaged knee, and Sherry spent almost 2 years in casts.  Sherry’s knee never healed fully, partly because she kept re-injuring it.  

Over the next 35 years she had four surgeries, multiple steroid injections, but she was still having pain.  And she hasn’t been able to get on a horse for the past 25 years.  By 2010, her knee was in bad shape.

“I had no cartilage, my meniscus was nearly gone.  I had built up arthritis and just in pain all the time,” she said.  “There was times that the pain was so debilitating that it shut me completely down.  I had to put my leg up on a pillow and put ice on the knee.  But it was frustrating, because I needed to get things done that day and I couldn’t do it.  When I did work, I just pushed through the pain.”

The last doctor Sherry went to told her that there was only one solution:   a complete knee replacement. At age 40, she knew she didn’t want to have a knee replacement (because she said she was “too young for that!”)

Complicating matters: she didn’t have insurance.

Sherry got emotional as she told us what she believed life would be like because she wasn’t willing to have the knee replacement.

“I’m thinking I have to be dependent on people.  I’m gonna put my kids through more, my husband through more because I will be walking around with a cane and a walker,” she said through her tears.


Sherry says the final straw came one day when she  was moving  some household items down the stairs of her camper.  As she reached a bottom step –her knee collapsed. 


“The pain was so bad I couldn’t bend it straight, I couldn’t bend it back.  I couldn’t put weight on it.  The more I put weight on it…I just wanted to die.”

Sherry dragged herself to the bathroom to take a shower to try and get some relief.

“I just broke. I’m in the shower  and I just said ‘God, I need a healing.’”

Moments later, as she made her way down the hall. Sherry saw that the television was on and stopped. 

“And there was this gentleman on TV and he kinda looked like Pat Robertson. But I’m thinking that’s not Pat Robertson—he’s awful young!   And I had my right hand on my right knee and he’s praying the prayer of faith,” Sherry recalled.    
At that moment, she heard Gordon say these words:

“There’s a  woman, you’re laying your right hand on your right knee and God has just restored your knee; you just felt that go through that entire joint.”
“All of a sudden,” Sherry exclaimed, “I felt this heat and peace come over me   but then the heat when right to my knee. 
Gordon’s word of knowledge continued:

“You’re healed now, do what you couldn’t do before.  Realize your healing.  It’s a great miracle happening to you right now.”

“And I just raised my hands in front of the TV and said ‘I’m healed.’  And all of a sudden, I felt no pain.  I was able to straighten it.  I was able to bend it,” said an excited Sherry!  

“And I was like jumping up and down on it, and I’m going ‘No Pain!’ I said ‘Hey guys, hey guys’ everybody in the kitchen. And I was in no more pain; I’ve had no more pain ever since.”    After 35 years of sometimes debilitating pain, Sherry is back riding her horse!

“It’s been 15 months now that I have been completely pain free,” she said with a smile.  “Not even a twinge?” I asked her.  “Not a twinge.  Nothing,” she said.   

“I would tell anybody right now that if they have the faith as small as a mustard seed, that God can move mountains.  God will heal you.  I know he does, because he did it for me!”
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