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Will graduate in December 2014 MFA, Regent University, Film Directing

MA, Regent University, Journalism


Regent Film Student Creates Unique Marriage Proposal Video NOT JUST ANOTHER FUN VIDEO
Beecher moved from Atlanta, Georgia in August 2012 to attend Regent University for film directing. April moved to Virginia Beach from Dallas, Texas a year earlier and was working on her Masters of Journalism.  One day Beecher was looking for a printer and walked into an office on campus where she was working as a graduate assistant.  April helped him print and was one of the first people Beecher met at Regent.  Soon after, they got to know each other through mutual friends and being on film sets together.  Beecher was usually the camera operator and April was a production assitant or actress.

In December 2012 Beecher asked April on a date.  It was Regent University’s Christmas ball where they really hit it off. Once together, they found a commonality in their goofy humor and love for making videos.  So they started making fun music videos in between the short films he was required to make for school. “We never made them for attention; it was more for an activity we liked to do together becauser we loved to look back on the memories,” says Beecher. Since this was already a special hobby, it was obvious for Beecher to use it as a vehicle to propose.  “It’s amazing she didn’t find it as obvious,” he says.

In November 2013, Beecher told April they were going to make a video re-enacting all the things they had done as a couple.  At the end, Beecher got down on one knee with an engagement ring and asked April to marry him.  She said yes! The video went viral and has over 50,000 views on You Tube and over 250,000 views on other sites. They set the date for June 22, 2014.  “As we approach getting married and once we are married, we will continue to create fun videos. It’s part of our story and part of our lives together. It will always be something we do,” says Beecher.

Beecher says attending Regent has given him the opportunity to explore his faith through cinema and not feel persecuted for his beliefs.  For April, Regent has given her a support system.  When she left Dallas, her father was sick and soon after she left home, he passed away. “If the people at Regent weren’t so loving, I wouldn’t have made it,” says April.  For more fun videos, please visit

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