The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

August 2014









Addiction, divorce and abortion were just some of the mistakes that weighed Beth down, but when her new husband became a Christian, Beth saw an eternal light at the end of the tunnel.

Vice President of CBN’s Digital Media Mike Stonechypher takes a look at the new digital roadmap for the ministry and how the viewer’s experience will be enhanced.


Indianapolis Colts Coach Chuck Pagano talks about facing his toughest opponent.

Take a look back at a classic Scott Ross 700 Club interview with The Godfather of Soul, James Brown.


Author Doug Fields and pastor shares strategies on how to be your wife's hero.

Childhood abuse haunted Kathy for years until a visit to church opened her eyes to a divine love.


Internationally known cartoonist Guy Gildchrist shares how Christ influences his work.

Eddie was doing his time for his crimes when God's grace changed everything.



Baseball legend Darryl Strawberry and his wife Tracy talk about their Imperfect Marriage.

When Stephanie discovers her husband Tim's infidelity, their faith is tested like never before.


Richard, Tanya and Pierce discuss how God uses animals to demonstrate his love for creation.

A prison fight over stale bread opens John's eyes to the need for a better life.


Author and blogger Jen Hatmaker is a busy mom and wife whose family is featured on a new HGTV show, “My Big Family Renovation.”

A young girl from the slums of Uganda grows to become one of the unlikeliest chess champions in the world.


Author and mother of four, Marybeth Hicks offers guidance for parents’ tough questions in a culture that glamorizes promiscuity and corruption.

Living a rebellious life backfired when Jordan experienced a drug overdose. After experiences of heaven and hell, Jordan returned to this life with a passion for God.


Darnell was an up-and-comer in the world of culinary arts, but a side step into drug dealing set in motion a disastrous fall.

The Gayle family's world stopped when their son Gip was injured in a hunting accident.


A nagging cough sent Tim to the doctor where he received devastating news. With his life in the balance, Tim trusted God for healing.

Cleveland Browns lineman Garrett Gilkey believes that no matter how old or big you are, bullying is never acceptable.


Hollywood acting veteran Kevin Sorbo shares on themes of faith, doubt and disbelief addressed in his movie, “God’s Not Dead.”

Years of drug addiction left Jim picking up the pieces after a string of business failures. When his marriage began to crumble too, he cried out to God for help.


Police officer Chris Amos had a dirty little secret that pushed him to the brink of suicide.

For over two decades Becky was plagued with light-headedness and dizziness until she prayed along with prayer on The 700 Club and the power of God fell over her.


Stephen’s mother was involved in his father’s murder and she was sentenced to death. For decades Stephen rejected her until he realized he must forgive her.

A painful rash on her hands, feet and face were making life miserable for Honey, but a 700 Club prayer for her specific condition resulted in a miracle healing.


Rocky Seto’s unique coaching role with the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks is fueled by his commitment to Jesus Christ.

Abused from an early age, Tracy was led into a life of drugs, crime, and eventually prison, where he discovered love and forgiveness.


Russell and Marion Pyleshare their story of faith and how the Lord provided strategies that helped Russell beat cancer.

NFL wide receiver Jason Avant's underprivileged childhood couldn't stop God's plan for his life.


Actor Jim Caviezel chats with The 700 Club’s Scott Ross about his new movie, “When the Game Stands Tall.”

Larrie was in pain, couldn't swallow, and was losing weight. Then a miracle happened one day after he watched "The 700 Club."



A dive into the pool's shallow end left nine year-old Josiah with four broken vertebrae and a 1% chance of survival.

Terry Meeuwsen visits the Orphan’s Promise facility dedicated to helping the community in South Africa.


Evangelist Heidi Baker shares what it means to be sold out for faith and explains the type of devotion that thrills the heart of God.

Former NFL player and current pastor in Ferguson, MO, Aeneas Williams talks about the racial unrest that has plagued the community.



Oakland Athletics prospect Billy Burns has scorching speed and an impressive glove, but this baseball player wants you to know he’s a Christian first and foremost.

Dawn had a forty pound cancerous tumor, but 20 days after the initial diagnosis and a special prayer by the elders from her church, all traces of the tumor were gone.


Author and founder of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa TerKeurst shares how women can control their schedules and make wise decisions in the midst of never-ending demands.

Former Miss America Lauen Nelson talks about the dangers of pursuing worldly perfection and when she reached her breaking point as a beauty queen.



Brandy struggled with depression and drug abuse for years. After her husband is killed in a motorcycle accident, her heart softens to the Lord and a song on the radio leads to complete surrender.