The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

April 2014






Mark Harting was piloting a small firefighting aircraft when the plane's systems malfunctioned and he began to lose altitude.

Big League pitcher R. A. Dickey lengthened his career by developing a stifling knuckleball, but more importantly he strengthened his faith by seeking a deeper relationship with God.


Financial expert and author Kimberly Foss offers tips on how to save money this tax season.

Olympic gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas and her mother Natalie share about their faith and how it has supported the family over the years.


Author Larry Stone talks about his latest book, “Noah,” and the importance of knowing the full story of the Flood.

Millie’s life was being threatened by a throat condition making it difficult to swallow, but God was ready to intervene.


Pastor and author Tommy Barnett shares ideas on how to maximize  productivity by seeking wise counsel and taking time to pray.

At 37 weeks pregnant  everything started going wrong and Treva was faced with an emergency C-section.


From AT&T Stadium in Dallas CBN Sports delivers stories of faith with the elite athletes of NCAA Mens’s Basketball at the 2014 Final Four.

Christine had a rapidly spreading rash on her face. A prayer on The 700 Club led to a miraculous healing.


As the dust settles in Dallas and a new NCAA Men’s Basketball champion is crowned, CBN Sports is on the scene at The Final Four.

After three miscarriages within one year, Charmeshia was grief-stricken and desperate when a 700 Club segment on dealing with tragedy led to a healing in her life.


Mitch’s addiction to online pornography led to adultery, but when he confessed to his wife, Michele was able to rely on God for the strength to forgive and love her unfaithful husband.

Prayer yields miraculous results to the life threatening medical conditions affecting Carol's baby, Sandra.


“The Prayfit Diet” author Jimmy Peña shares how a life of balance is the key for healthy living.

A painful rash on her hands, feet and face were making life miserable for Honey, but a 700 Club prayer for her specific condition resulted in a miracle healing.


Drugs, truancy and crime defined Darryll’s life in his teen years and contributed to an aimless existence as a young adult that escalated to include murder. 

Stage 4 cancer near his brain put a number on Jacob's remaining days.


Acclaimed film director, screenwriter and producer Randall Wallace talks about his latest film, “Heaven is for Real.”

Major Leaguer Jarrod Saltalamacchia and other Bostonians talk forgiveness in the aftermath last April's bombing.



Colton Burpo's 4-year-old spirit left his body during an emergency surgery and he experienced heaven with Jesus.

Raised in poverty, Antonina wanted a better life, so she turned to drug dealing and gambling for financial security.


Todd, Sonya and Colton Burpo, the family behind the new movie, “Heaven is for Real,” talk about the amazing story of Colton’s visit to heaven when he was 4.

Sexually abused by a relative, Julie had no self worth as she entered adulthood. But after an overnight stay at her clubhouse, Julie woke up to an Easter Sunrise Service that changed her life


Watch as gifted sculptor Gil Amelio recreates the final moments of Jesus' life and the sacrifice that changed eternity.

International Christian singer Darlene Zschech performs 'Victor's Crown' from her live worship album, 'Revealing Jesus.'


Liberty University’s Dr. Randall Price celebrates the numerous discoveries being made in ancient Israel at the Qumran dig.

Drugs, violence and prison were the sum total of John’s existence until one stay behind bars facilitated a life-changing encounter.


A life-threatening nervous system disorder puts Barbara in a coma for four months where she had dreams of sin, hell and salvation.



NHL veteran and Stanly Cup Champion Matt Cullen talks about his evolving faith and overcoming his fear of failure while plain in the demanding profession of ice hockey.

The pain of repressed childhood abuse surfaced when Kim was a young married mother and put her family in danger.



A life of compromise results in painful consequences for Jeremy, but a praying earthly father and forgiving heavenly father help Jeremy get things back on track.

Nina's migraines grew worse over time, but they were no match for the power of God.


A three-sport star athlete in high school, Michael was preparing for a high-octane future when a car accident shattered his dreams.

After Faa was abandoned by her parents, her grandparents took her to live with them. Even though their home was tiny and they had little food, they gladly shared with Faa. See how God blessed them for their generous hearts.


Author and former Muslim Nabeel Qureshi shares about his dramatic conversion to Christianity.

Victoria was plagued by bone spurs and arthritis in her foot until a prayer onThe 700 Club ushered in a miracle from God.