The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

February 2013









CBN News: Syrian Condemns Israeli Strike, Threatens 'Surprise'

Kim Savage was horrified to discover a golf-ball size lump near her trachea. However, Kim believed that God could heal her.

Cocaine addiction put Kim on the wrong side of a drug deal gone bad.


CBN News: Forget Cholesterol, Inflammation is the Real Enemy

Author and speaker Pat Williams shares how the power of influence can be used to serve others.

CBN Sports wraps up Super Bowlk XLVII with positive and inspiring comments from the game's best players.


CBN News: Moments of Truth: Boy Scouts to Vote on Gay Ban

Author Jonathan Cahn compares God's dealings with America to the way in which he dealt with Israel in the 8th century.

Cedrick's back pain kept him from living a full life, but a prayer on TV led to a miracle reversal of his symptoms.


CBN News: UK's Cameron Draws Fire Over Gay Marriage Vote

Author Cynthia Tobias shares insight on how to best deal with a strong willed child.

Get to know the story behind The Discovery Channel's Bobby Goodson, the face of Swamp Loggers.


CBN News: Perry Tells Calif. Businesses: Come Check Out Texas

Author Kevin Leman offers tips on how to revitalize our lives spiritually and practically with the wisdome found in Proverbs.

Ken landed his dream job as a sports anchor, but a drinking related car accident landed him in prison that same year.


CBN News: Northeast Prepares for 'Monster' Snowstorm

As a teenager Steve never expected his first taste of alcohol to result in addiction, but years later after losing almost everything he surrendered to God.

Bonita's diagnosis of acid reflux was discouraging to her, but it was no match for what God would do after a healing prayer on The 700 Club.


CBN News: Pope Resigning on Feb. 28, Conclave in March

John and Carol Arnott, Founding pastors of Catch the Fire Toronto join us in The 700 Club studio to give an update on their worldwide ministry.

Elwin was driven to win in all aspects of life.  After tasting defeat in two marriages, and damaging his relationship with his son, he visits a church where he finds forgiveness through Jesus.


CBN News: Obama: N. Korea Nuke Test 'Highly Provocative'

Mike and Chris Reis are a dynamic father and son speaking team whose mission is to encourage others to live life with thoughtful and selfless intention.

Radha, a devout Hindu, came to America on a student visa, but she wasn't prepared for a controntation with the truth of Christianity.


CBN News: Obama Lays Out Bold Vision for Second Term

Country music singer Josh Turner shares how God called him to be a singer/songwriter and why he feels it's important to plant conviction in his music.

Cedrick's back pain kept him from living a normal teenage life, but a prayer on TV led to a miracle.


CBN News: Horse Meat Scandal Unsettles Europe

Rob and Amanda were an ill-matched couple who pursuee marriage in spite of the red flags. Would God step into this mess?

Relationship experts Philip and Holly Wagner address the topic of kissing in a special Valentine's Day visit.


CBN News: Legal Pot: Marijuana-Friendly Laws Threat to Kids?

Rob Ekno had a successful radio and DJ career, but drug and alcohol addiction stripped it all away.

Author Tim Hill will discuss the current trends in Christianity around the world.



CBN News: Guarding Earth: Meteor Strike a Cosmic Wake-Up Call

Founded over 30 years ago, Christian music group NewSong continues to reinvent themselves and point listeners to the cross.

Jolinda Wade, mother of NBA Superstar Dwayne Wade, shares her life story of addiction, incarceration, and deliverance.


CBN News: Gas Prices Hit Four-Month High, No End in Sight

Hanging with the wrong crowd as a teenager was enough to undo Bill'sChristian upbringing. Find out what it took to bring him back to God.

Author Simeon Wrightshares about his new book which is an eyewitness account of the kidnapping of Emmett Till.



CBN News: Finger-Pointing Heats Up as Sequester Deadline Nears

The Shores Sisters grew up during the turbulent Civil Rights era in Birmingham, Alabama. Hear the lessons of faith these women have learned.

Steve and Leandra's inability to find common ground on money was one of many issues that led to divorce. God did a restoration work in both of their lives and today they are remarried and CBN partners.



CBN News: Second Amendment an 'Insurance Policy' for Liberty?

The 700 Club's Scott Ross shows us stories of faith and endurance from The Holy Land.

A childhood of sexual abuse paved the way for failed relationships and an abusive husband, but Julie was able to escape the bonds of guilt and feeling of worthlessness.


CBN News: Midwest Storm Causes Messy, Dangerous Travel

Abused by his father, Will resorted to drugs and alocohol to numb the pain. Hear his incredible story of redemption.

A drunk-driver slammed into the Barrick family car leaving daughter Jen barely clinging to life.


CBN News: Critics Say Obama Fear-Mongering on Sequester

Pat Robertson teaches a live audience about the Law of Use from his Secret Kingdom series.

John and Ida were expecting their second child when they received some devastating news, their baby had a dangerous heart condition.




CBN News: Sequester Armageddon? GOP Says 'Hardly'

After suffering abuse as a child in a rough Michigan neighborhood, Troy grew up angry and pursued the violent life of gangs.

Pat Robertson continues his Secret Kingdom series with a teaching on the Law of Reciprocity.


CBN News: Sequester Countdown: Why Virginians are Frustrated

Derrick Wright is the drummer for singing sensation Adele. He shares the lesson he learned about forgiveness from his dying father.  

Pat Robertson continues his Secret Kingdom series with a teaching on the Law of Unity.


CBN News: Obama Tones Down Sequester Rhetoric Amid Criticism

From Animal Planet's 'Gator Boys' program Paul Bedard shares his story of faith.

Pat Robertson continues his Secret Kingdom series with a teaching on the Law of Miracles.