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Scott Ross has won Billboard and Angel Awards for excellence in radio and television. He was also nominated for two Ace Awards for the Straight Talk TV show. Scott has a reputation for confronting challenges head on -- putting problems in God’s perspective. His unique interviewing style gets people talking candidly about sensitive subjects.

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The Scott Ross Interviews:
Scott Ross  

Sounds of Silence - Getting Unplugged

See if you can identify with this: "We are afraid of silence. I get into the car, I turn on my radio. I get into the elevator, they play music for me. Why? Because we’re afraid to be alone for two seconds with ourselves. It’s OK to be quiet. It’s OK to just sit and listen. It’sOK to not fill the air with small talk and cheap talk and sports talk. Just leave enough silence in which something can be felt."


Bonhoeffer, The Prophet and Spy

Scott Ross interviews Eric Metaxas on his new book on Bonhoeffer’s life of faith.

Tommy James: Behind the Crystal Blue Persuasion

Tommy James and the Shondells made hits like Crimson and Clover and Crystal Blue Persuasion. But what went on behind the scenes?


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A.I.R. Prayer

It's purpose is to bring renewal through prayer and strategic intercession for those primarily in the creative arts.

Prophets, Prophecy, and the End of the Age

Pat Robertson's statements regarding 2007 caused quite a stir. Now Scott Ross weighs in on how to operate and receive the prophetic.



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A New York State of Mind

Scott Ross hits the streets of the Big Apple to see what's really on the minds of New Yorkers.

Heavenbound?: Responses to Pets in the Afterlife

Scott Ross' article on "Do All Dogs Really Go to Heaven" generated quite a response. Everyone had something to say about the ultimate fate of man's best friend.


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