The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

December 2013





CBN News: TBN Founder Paul Crouch Dies at 79

Celtic Woman sings from their latest album, Home for Christmas.

Andrew and Danielle share the story of miraculously surviving an F-5 tornado.


CBN News: Expectations Low for Obamacare Website Functionality

Eddy & Marsha lost their jobs, but not their faith in God.

All the success in the world couldn't fill the hole in Carrie's heart.


CBN News: NFL Bans Super Bowl Commercial for Gun Company

Veteran Hollywood actor Gavin MacLeodreflects on his career and Christian faith.

Through prayer and Christian counseling, Gina and Brian witnessed their son Ethan experience victory over autism.


CBN News: Plains, Midwest Wake to Coldest Weather in Decades

A throat condition was threatening Millie's life when God intervened.

Dove Award winners for KING & COUNTRY visit The 700 Club studio and perform the Christmas carol, "Angels We Have Heard on High".


CBN News: South Africa's Greatest Son: World Mourns Mandela

Author William Federershares the history of St. Nicholas and Christmas holiday traditions.

Drugs were just the begiining of Tracy's problems, but God had the answer.


CBN News: Winter Storm Wreaks Havoc on East Coast Travel

Author Rick Larson shares amazing scientific realites of the true Star of Bethlehem.

Author Ace Collins discusses the modern nativity display.


CBN News: South Africa Prepare Epic Memorial for Mandela

A lung condition threatened Marty's quality of life. A prayer on The 700 Club led to a miraculous change.

Gabe is a modern day prodigal son who ran away from home, but his father never gave up on him.


CBN News: Storm-Battered Northeast Braces for More Snow

When Mrs. Liu saw Jia Lin in the orphanage for the first time, she felt an instant connection. So she took the little girl home and began praying for her miracle.

Decorator Carleton Varney disucsses his use of vibrant colors and the rejection of drab.


CBN News: Iran Rising? US Influence wanes in the Mideast

The 700 Club visits the kitchen of Duck Dynasty's Miss Kay to learn about her role in holding the family together.

Floare knew his family would not make it through the harsh Ukrainian winter without heat in their home. Discover how this Gypsy family found a way to survive.



CBN News: Iranian Pastor's Wife: Don't Forget My Husband

Steven Curtis Chapman visits The 700 Club to sing from his latest album, The Glorious Unfolding.

Author of Cooking from the Heart, John Besh shares lessons in cooking, family and celebration.


CBN News: Budget Deal Drop in the Bucket of Problems

Author Kimberly Whitmanshares ideas on creating special family memories this Christmas season.

Esther experienced severe pain in her right hip that caused her to walk with a limp.


CBN News: EU Seeks Tighter Restrictions on US Data Collection

Deborah's sense of security was shattered when her parents divorced and she reacted by rebelling against God.

Pastor Joel Osteen visits The 700 Club to discuss overcoming obstacles to live the life God intended.


CBN News: Child Soldiers: Syria Conflict 'Beyond Imagination'

Author Stephen Mansfield helps to identify the habits and virtues of 'manly men.'

Cleveland Browns lineman Garrett Gilkey shares his heart as an anti-bullying advocate.


CBN News: Senate Passes Budget, Bill Goes to President

The First Ladies of Duck Dynasty share Robertson family Christmas traditions, bouquets and holiday decor.

Charles Dickens' great-great grandson Gerald Dickens discusses the experience of acting in A Christmas Carol.


CBN News:Obamacare 'Fix' Could cause More Problems

Phyllis awoke Christmas morning to excruciating back pain. For three days she could hardly move until she came across a prayer on The 700 Club.

Former Biggest Loser Danny Cahill shares how his weight loss journey changed his relationship with the Lord.


CBN News:

Phil and Kay Robertson of the hit A&E television program Duck Dynasty join Terry Meeuwsen to share how their faith has been integral to their success.

The 700 Club visits the kitchen of Duck Dynasty's matriarch, Miss Kay, to learn more about her take on southern cooking.


CBN News:

Pat and Dede Robertson share the Christmas story with their great grandchildren.

Munday was lost in his addictions and his despair, but a Christmas vision woke him up.


CBN News:

Ema McKinley was injured in work accident and for almost 20 years she lived in constant pain until a Christmas Eve miracle changed her life forever.

Award-winning Christian musician Steven Curtis Chapman inspires us with the Christmas classic, 'Joy to the World.'


CBN News: More Support fro Duck Dynasty's Patriarch, Some Surprising

Kara prayed for her husband to be Godly, but she wasn't ready to follow the same path.

Nate suffered a traumatic brain injury when he fell off a ladder at work. Doctors gave him little chance of survival.


CBN News: Christian Syrian Refugees denied Visa to West

When Melanie went into labor something went terribly wrong and the joy of new life was suddenly overshadowed by tragedy.

Shawn was living her dream as a touring back-up singer, but something was missing. She never expected that the faith of her daughter would lead to her own life change.


CBN News: A&E to Reinstate Duck Dynasty Patriarch

Television news anchor Les Smith battles depression and alcoholism in secret for decades until he makes peace with God.

Cathy clings to scriptures through her husband & son's boat accident.


CBN News: Terrorist Targeting Russians, Winter Olympics

Lyme disease threatens Mary Rose's life, but her mother kept believing for a miracle.

Bad decisions bring serious consequences for Dana, but she is able to find mercy in the arms of the Lord.