Storyteller Café Series

The award winning computer animated series, "The Storyteller Café" is different from any other Gospel presentation for kids. Each story is tailored to tell more than the obvious Bible story. Included are interesting details about what places really looked like and how people lived, as seen through the eyes of some fascinating characters who use their laptop computer stage to bring the details to life.

The characters and environments featured in this series are incredibly unique. There's "Pete" the WWII pilot and his trusty plane "Gus", who travel through the store in aerial splendor. His sidekicks "Gallop" the laugh snort'n horse, "Tex" the lasso wielding yo-yo, "Tina" the tutu wearing elephant and "Chip" the computer expert martian round out the hilarious cast.

Created and Directed by
Angela Ward Costello
Senior Producer
Lindy Lindstrom
Associate Producer
Christopher Smith
Sound Design
Ryan Davidson
Lindy Lindstrom
Tri Dimensional Studios
Executive Producer
Ben Edwards
Angela Ward Costello

Episode One: The Gift
A wonderful reminder to celebrate the Life of Christ at Christmas, not just His birthday. Running time approximately 32:00

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Episode Two: The Storm
A great show about the miraculous construction of the Ark and the promise that God made to all of us in the form of a rainbow. Running time approximately 36:00

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Episode Three: The Battle
An exciting show about David and Goliath. Its message will demonstrate that even the most unlikely heroes can be mighty conquerors with God's help. Running time approximately 47:00

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Episode Four: The Rebel
"The Rebel" is an exciting show about Jonah and the Whale. Its message shows how disobedience to God can have very serious consequences. Join Pete and the gang as they discover Biblical truths in a most unusual manner! Running time approximately 47:00

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Episode Five: The Lion's Den
An exciting show about Daniel and his scary encounter with lions. It teaches children to trust in God no matter what - even when things get tough and the right decision is not the popular decision. Running time approximately 47:00

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Episode Six: Beyond the Manger
Join in the faith-filled adventure that teaches children there is more to Easter than eggs and chocolate bunnies.

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Episode Seven: The Secret Plan
"The Secret Plan" is an exciting show about the children of Israel's journey to the Promised Land, and the fall of Jericho. We are reminded of the importance of trusting in God and not our own strength.

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Episode Eight: The Seven Baths
In "The Seven Bath"s, featuring the story of Naaman the leper, youngsters learn the importance of obedience and listening to directions.

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Episode Nine: The Selfish Brother
"The Selfish Brother", based on the parable of the prodigal son, teaches consequences of selfishness.

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