The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

August 2012







CBN News: D-Day For Freedom? Birth Control Mandate Takes Effect

Krist Watts continues her 'A Voice of Hope' series with a look at Christian Dating Basics.

Tony Nolan overcame a desperate childhood situation to become an ordained pastor.


CBN News: Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day Sees Massive Turnout

'Hercules' actor Kevin Sorbo shares his story of how a health crisis brought him closer to the Lord.

Tim Ballard almost died of an incurable disease when he was a child, but God promised Tim that he would live.


CBN News: Young, Old Voters Face Off for 2012 Election

Worship leader Jared Anderson and his wife Megan share their emotional and difficult journey trying to adopt two Haitian orphans.

Bernie and Diane Lierow depended on God's help when adopting a severely traumatized orphan who had been neglected and raised in unspeakable conditions for seven years.


CBN News: Sikh Community Grieves in Wake of Wisc. Massacre

Dean Braxton went into cardia arrest after a routine kidney stone removal turned into multiple organ failure.

New Redskins QB Kirk Cousins sits down with CBN Sports to talk faith on the backdrop of his first season in the NFL.


CBN News: Overcriminalized? Whale Watcher Faces Prison Time

Fred Luter, Jr. will discuss his recent appointment as the first black president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Imprisoned in South Sudan as a child, Lopez Lomong managed to escape and find refuge in American and excel in the sport of track and field.


CBN News: US Farmers Hit HArd by Never-Ending Drought

Kristi Watts delivers another installment in her A Voice of Hope singles series with a look at dating basics.

Norah Awuor lived with constant  jaw pain for over two months and was healed instantly when she heard a prayer on The 700 Club.


CBN News: UK Islamist Leader: Islam Will Dominate America

Author Phil Cooke joins us to discuss his latest book, "One Big Thing," and to explain how to discover what you were born to do in life.

Pierce O'Farrill, one of the victims of the recent Colorado mass shooting, shares about the experience and how he's coping in the aftermath.


CBN News: Scraping Bottom? Candidates Distort Truth in Ads

Top NBA draft pick Jeremy Lamb will share how faith in Christ has shaped his life and basketball career.

Her parents failed marriage plagued Amanda Herring into adulthood and left her unable to cope without drugs and alochol.


CBN News: Romney VP Pick Paul Ryan Energizes GOP Base

An accident ushered Fab Cusson into an addiction with painkillers that nearly destroyed him.

Raymond Gregory was born deaf, but this young worship artist experienced a miraculous healing.


CBN News: Utilities Push Energy Conservation Amid Heat Wave

With no medical insurance, Stephen Marvinwasn't expecting his injured hand to get better.

Scott Ross interviews showbiz legend Ann-Margret about her Hollywood career, struggles and faith.


CBN News: Mitt Romney: Obama Camp Pushing 'Division, Hate'

Kristi Watts continues her singles series A Voice of Hope with a look at dating for single parents.

Catch the Fire Ministries Pastor Danny Nalliah formed the new Australian party called "Rise Up Australia." Many of its members are evangelical Christians. Their goal is to protect free speech, freedom and religion.


CBN News: Conservative 'Superhero' Brewer Turns Up Arizona Heat

Holllywood acting couple David and Tamela Mannshare about keeping the faith in showbiz.

When Baby Diego was born, the nurses were horrified – no one in this Honduran village had seen a cleft lip before. Learn how this baby finally got a real smile.


CBN News: Women Voters the White House's Secret Weapon?

Dale Walker explains that worship goes beyond the music at church on Sundays.

A victim of childhood sexual abuse, Chatman Payne's life veers off course. After living on the streets, he gets a second chance when a group of Christians model the love of God.


CBN News: Bad Weather Delays West Nile Spraying in Texas

Veteran Atlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson chats with CBN SPorts about the impact his personal faith has had on his MLB career.

Freddy Vest, a rodeo entertainer, fell off his horse and was given less than a 5% chance of survival.


CBN News: MO. Republican Apologizes for 'Legitimate Rape' Comment

Sara Weaver saw her family gunned down in the skirmish at Ruby Ridge twenty years ago.

Author and businessman Jeff Unser shares his experience of being on ABC's 'Secret Millionaire.'


CBN News: Drought Targets Mighty Mississippi, Americans Wallets

Kristi Watts continues her Voice of Hope singles series with an open forum with relationship experts fielding tough questions.

Jeanene Goncalves fractured the humerus bone at the joint of her shoulder. While watching The 700 Club, she received a word of knowledge that someone with that precise injury would experience healing.


CBN News: Akin Calls on Christians, Pro-Lifersfor Help

Author and former Navy SEAL Chad Williams shares how God changed his life.

Decorated LSU female athlete Mo Isom shares her salvation story.


CBN News: Operation Blessing on Standby as Isaac Eyes Haiti

Abused and manipulated by people that he trusted most, Rafael Saracualwas a broken man in search of someone he could trust.

Kara Birkey prayed for her husband to be Godly, but she wasn't ready to follow the same path.


CBN News: Cholera a Threat After Isaac Hits Haiti

Raul Dominguez was a morally bankrupt Cuban refugee that landed in the U.S. prison system. His life changed when a friend paid him a visit.

Track and Field Icon Marion Jones discusses her faith and our prison system.


CBN News: Black Pastors Thank GOP for Supporting Marriage

Charles Goodmansuffered with Lou Gherig's disease for years, but one day he experienced a miraculous healing.

After being part of the decision to abort his child, Maurice Huff struggles to forgive himself.


CBN News: Isaac Pounds Gulf, Overwhelms One Louisiana Levee

John Martinez was not surprised when he landed in prison, but he was shocked when his parole officer sent him to a Christian halfway house.

Kristie Watts continues her Voice of Hope series with a look at red flags and green lights in Christian relationships.


CBN News: Weakened Isaac Knoxks Out Power, Threatens More Rain

Kitchen duo, Crockin’ Girls share slow-cooking techniques for the college student, family and friends.

A stalled hollywood career drove Brian Presley to drown his sorrows in alcohol, which only led to bigger problems.



CBN News: Romney Urges Americans to 'Turn Page' on Obama

Author Betsy Hart shares her personal testimony of recovery from divorce.

As a magician, Jim Munroeoften wondered how God factored in to life. When Jim was diagnosed with leukemia, he received a first hand experience in the reality of Christ.