The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

July 2012





CBN News: Millions Still in Dark After Deadly Eastern Storms

Spending money as fast as she earned it, Cynthia Horton found herself jobless and 30 thousand dollars in debt.

After the tragedy of losing their newborn, the Shens heard about an orphaned infant and they wanted to get involved.


CBN News: Storms Take The Bang Out of July 4 Celebrations

Kerry Lewis was a medical worker who became a patient in desperate need of a miracle.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar talk about their enormous family and the importance of faith and values in raising so many children.


CBN News:

WWII veteran George Shee reflects on the Lord's protection during George's service in the military.

David Barton, author of, 'The Jefferson Lies,' discusses the life of Thomas Jefferson and the myths surrounding him.


CBN News: Obamacare Mandate a Problem for Both Candidates?

John Hooker, Jr. slid into a lifestyle of excessive drug use and criminal behavior that lasted for over 30 years, then one day from his hospital bed he cried out to Jesus.

Tomasa Guglielmi's abusive relationship began in high school and continued into marriage. By the time she escaped, she had lost her identity and self worth.


CBN News: So-Called 'God Particle' Seen as Evidence of Big Bang

Credit card debt, bad investment decisions and unemployment destroyed Ken and Debbie Teel's finances and nearly killed their marriage. Ken needed major help.

Operation Blessing helps the Headrick's get a new home after their previous one was destroyed by a tornado.


CBN News: Euro Tragedy: EU is Crumbling Before Our Eyes

British musician Russell Watson shares about his comeback from a recurring brain tumor and the role his faith has played along the way.

Addiction stripped Charles Brown of everything he held sacred. The 700 Club helped him get his life back on track.


CBN News: Web of Laws Creating Hosts of 'Accidental Criminals'

An eating disorder nearly killed Kristie Rutzel-Wahlquist, but she rededicated her life to Christ in the hospital.

Star of Discovery Channel's "Man vs Wild" series, adventurer Bear Grylls reveals a side of him that many haven't seen.


CBN News: GOP Takes Another Swing at Repealing Obamacare

The 700 Club's Kristi Watts embarks on a journey to encourage single people and she begins by asking the question, 'are you dateable?'

New York Mets pitcher R. A. Dickey discusses his faith on the back drop of his career as a professional athlete.


CBN News: For 31st Time, House Votes to Repeal Obamacare

Kristi Watts sits down with Joel Osteen to talk about his mega ministry in Texas.

Sharyl's infidelity and Lyndon's anger were too much to hold the Allen's flailing marriage together.


CBN News: State's Only Abortion Clinic Remains Open for Now

It took a life transforation to Christianity for Lynn Manley to be able to forgive the atrocities she suffered growing up.

Experience the musical stylings of Sensere, a collaboration of original vocals and melodic baselines featuring strong men of God.


CBN News: Clinton Meets with Tantawi in Cairo

Christian hip hop artist Shonlock shares about his musical and faith journey.

Raised in Hindu and Buddhist cultures, Shailesh Ghimire was curious about Christ when he moved to America.



CBN News: London 2012 Olympics A Terror Target

Dr. Travis Stork from the the syndicated talk show, The Doctors, shares his passion for helping those who are in the midst of a medical crisis.

Joe Cooley had a red swollen foot. He was watching The 700 Club when Pat mentioned his condition in a prayer and Joe was healed.


CBN News: Obama, Romney Duke it Out Over Middle Class

Kristi Watts' Christian singles series, A Voice of Hope continues with a look at leadership and marital roles.

Pastor and author Andy Thompson will discuss how choosing a wife is a good thing and will share how to do it biblically.


CBN News: Damascus Blast Shows Escalating Situation in Syria

Daniel Baumann was on a simple tourist visit to Iran when he was stopped at the border, imprisoned for weeks, beaten, and destined for execution.

He lost his taste buds after a bout with cancer. Bob Bruce and Gloria did the only thing they could do. They prayed.


CBN News: At Least a Dozen Dead in Colorado Shooting Spree

Kristine McGuiremixed Christianity with the occult and it led her down a spooky path.  

After partying one night with a friend, Steve Friskup woke up with a hangover and a revelation.



CBN News: Holmes Faces Court as Massacre Victims Honored

12-year old Josiah Lamb survives a tragic jet-ski accident by doing what he heard the Lord tell him to do.

Trent Shelton is a former NFL football player who tried to keep up with the lifestyle while consistently being traded from team to team. 


CBN News: A Portrait of Colo. Massacre Suspect James Holmes

Angela Williams will discuss breaking the silence of child abuse victims and giving children a voice.

Brig Hart always dreamed of having his father's love and approval, but only experienced abuse brought on by his dad's alcoholism.


CBN News: Colo. Massacre Highlights Threat of Homemade Bombs

Dan Fazzina was diagnosed with a grapefruit sized tumor in his chest. Without major chemo, doctors said he only had 3 weeks to 3 months to live.

Kristi Watts continues her series, A Voice of Hope, with a look at being satisfied with being single.


CBN News: Battle Lines Drawn in Chick-fil-a Gay Marriage Flap

Andrea White was the middle child of emotionally distant parents. When her parents divorced, she fell into anorexia to control her environment.

Gabe Martinez lived the life of the prodigal son, but his father never gave up on him.


CBN News: Billy Graham Commends Chick-fil-A Amid Attacks

Terry Meeuwsen chats with Michele Bachmann about her 23 foster children.

Chester and Lisa Moore sensed God telling them to adopt a special needs child from China. After they did, U.S. doctors ruled out Cerebral Palsy and retardation. Six-year-old Faith is doing great .


CBN News: Romney Affirms Israel's Position on Iran

Stars of TruTV's 'Lizard Lick Towing' Ron & Amy Shirley discuss their faith.

Steelo Vazquez was living a full life until a brain anuerism changed everything.


CBN News: US Swim, Gymnastics Team Scoring High

Author SQuire Rushnelljoins us in the studio to discuss his new book, 'Diving Alignment.'

Artist Jessica Galbreth talks about her transition from occult themed paintings to painting depictions of Jesus and his supernatural power.