The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

October 2013






CBN News: Time's Up! Missed Deadline Brings Gov't Shutdown

Former 700 Club co-host Ben Kinchlow talks about his new book, "Black Yellow Dogs."

Take a look back at the history of CBN on our 52nd birthday.


CBN News: No Signs of Compromise on Day Two of Gov't Shutdown

Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw is one of baseball's emerging elite and he attributes all of his success to God.

Jon's deep-rooted porn addiction could only be undone by God's power and grace.


CBN News: Blame Game Continues on Day Three of Shutdown

World champion power lifter Jonathan Bernor talks about his victories over drugs and disease.

Veteran NFL Kicker David Akers shares his reaction to life's ups and downs.


CBN News: Wild Car Chase Ends Tragically on Capital Hill

International evangelist and founder of Teen Mania Ministries, Ron Luce shares an update on the organization's latest outreach to youth.

Steve and Leslie's young family is torn apart by the stresses of life, but Jesus brings healing.


CBN News: Stakes Get Higher as Shutdown Drgas On

Screenwriter and producer Galley Molinashares the behind-the-scenes of his faith journey.

Stoian suffered from sciatica until he heard a healing prayer on The 700 Club.


CBN News: Jihadists Threaten Retaliation over US Raid in Libya

Pat Boone and his daughter Lindy discuss the tragic accident that left Pat's grandson Ryan brain damaged.

The Courys were trapped in the flood that ravaged Nashville. See their dramatic rescue and witness how prayer helped them stay afloat.


CBN News: Budget Battle Showing First Signs of a Truce

Josh Mitchell had a passion for gangster rap that led to criminal behavior.

Pat Robertson showcases the combination of beauty and artistry with his horse Ufano.


CBN News: Park Service Abuses Spark New 'Battle of Yorktown'

Danny Gokey returns to share an update on his music career and to sing from his latest album, Hope in Front of Me.

Not only was Elizabeth facing a life with AIDS, but also a diagnosis of a brain infection.


CBN News: White House Will 'Likely Sign' GOP Debt Proposal

Lyme disease threatened Mary Rose's life, but her mother never lost faith that God would restore her.

Bad decisions led to a hard life for Dana, but God never gave up on her.


CBN News: Hard Times See More in Debt Delayed Retirement

Author and speaker Anne Graham Lotz discusses strategies to overcome the offenses in life that can derail our spiritual growth.

A hairline fracture in his foot makes life miserable for Ramon, until a prayer on TV changes everything.


CBN News: Is Obamacare Hazardous to Your Health?

Wild living lands Bunty in prison, which is exactly where he needs to be to transform his life.

David was addicted to nicotine, but God wanted to set him free.


CBN News: Obama on Stalled Deal: Boehner's Lost Control

HL veteran Shane Doan sits down with CBN Sports to share what leadership means to him.

A mass in Mike's right lung miraculously disappears in front of his doctor.


CBN News: Gov't Reopens After Congress Ends 16-Day Shutdown

Phyllis suffered from debilitating bone spurs in her shoulder, but a 700 Club prayer paved the way for God to work a miracle.

Marie Monville shares how life changed after her husband killed himself and five Amish school children.


CBN News: Lawmakers Warn 'Fiscal Crisis Not Over'

Washington Redskins defensive player Kedric Golston shares how God guided his path to the pros.

Christian music veterans Phillips, Craig & Deanreflect on their career and discuss their latest album.


CBN News: Obama Addresses Affordable Care Rollout Debacle

Duck Dynasty's eldest son, Alan Robertson visits The 700 Club to discuss his new book "The Duck Commander Devotional."

In the 1980's Mark immersed himself in the pot and Rastafarian culture. After an encounter with Jesus, he turned his life around and founded the Christian reggae group, Christafari.


CBN News: Experts Saw Red Flags Ahead of Obamacare Rollout

CBN News talks with Captain Richard Phillips about having his story of survival as a captive of Somali pirates played out in a major motion picture.

As a young boy, Isaiah lost his mother and sister to AIDS. Years later, he remembered his sister's last words and the healing began.


CBN News: Obamacare Website Company Had Troubled History

Author of, "You Were Born for More," Bishop Harry Jackson shares how people can experience God's transforming love.

David thought that tough love was the best approach for his son, but a heartbreaking relationship fallout resulted and David set out on a life-changing journey.


CBN News: 'I Can't Enroll' Site Challenges Obamacare Mandate

Tonya suffered with horrible pain in her foot for years. The discomfort became a way of life until she responded to a prayer she saw on The 700 Club.

His father's suicide when Christian was only 9 had a deep and lasting impact on him, so much so that Christian wanted to take his own life.


CBN News: Americans Captured in Nigerian Pirate Attack

CBN Sports reports from the 2013 World Series with stories of faith from players on both teams.

John and Ida were expecting their second child when they received some devastating news, their baby had a dangerous heart condition.


CBN News: Pressure Mounts to Delay Obamacare Implementation

Author and medical doctor Chauncey Crandallshares about his latest book, "The Simple Heart Cure."

When Patrick tripped and hurt his elbow, the pain lasted for years. But a word of knowledge prayer on The 700 Club changed things fast.


CBN News: GOP, DEMS Say Obamacare Extension Not Enough

Actor and director Corbin Bernsen discusses the footprint of faith he experienced from his mother.

Michael's disadvantaged childhood ushered him into a life of crime and incarceration.


CBN News: John Ashcroft: Singing the Legacy of the Hymns

NFL Pro Bowler Russell Okung shares how, as a five year-old he was forced to deal with the loss of his father.

Victoria Hearst, granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst shares her faith journey and talks abouty her humanitarian work with Operation Blessing in Japan.


CBN News: Sebelius on Obamacare Debacle: 'I Was Wrong'

What started out as innocent fascination with a Ouija board turned Tara’s life into a nightmare.

Visit CBN's special web section to learn more about Halloween and how other Christian families approach this unique day of the year.